763.72119/2874½: Telegram

The Military Attaché at London ( Slocum ) to the Chief of Staff, War Department ( March )

740. Confirming general idea in despatch 6835, Foreign Office unofficially informs Embassy the following outline of Government’s present policy, which has not been communicated to France and Italy because England wishes to consult America first. These plans also indicate differences in details between Lloyd George and Foreign Office.

Near East. New Arab State, Palestine. Armenia, Albania and Persia need[?] ship administrative help of European or American states under mandate League of Nations; thus Great Britain in Mesopotamia, America in Palestine, Constantinople and the straits; France [Page 409] probably in Syria; Turkey under control League in [apparent omission] Anatolia. Greek and Italian claims in Asia Minor to be disregarded. England favors large Albania, to block Servian and Greek advance, prefers American protectorate but is willing Italy should act.

Africa. Former German colonies not to be returned. South Africa to receive German Southwest Africa. France claims Cameroons, half Togoland without defined policy but perhaps under mandate League of Nations. England claims strip of Cameroons, other half Togoland; all German East Africa under League unless America assumes task. France probably may object to America in Liberia but English favorable. Belgian Congo under League with revision acts of Brussels2 and Berlin3 to apply also to all tropical territory. Second section follows.

Inform State Department. C. G. A. E. F. France informed.

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