Mr. D. H. Miller to Colonel E. M. House

Tyrrell in conversation today intimated that British claims for indemnity by Germany would not be very large saying that Britain and America were more alike in this regard than any other two Powers, and mentioned necessity of both countries seeing that claims were just. Still Tyrrell seemed to think that just claims would be larger than German ability to pay but was not very definite about this.

Regarding questions of procedure he considers that those relating to interallied conferences are the only ones now important and that questions regarding procedure of the peace conference itself can be considered later. He assented to the view expressed by Wiseman that proposed agenda for the interallied conferences should be drawn up for submission to you in order that same might if you approved be submitted to President. Tyrrell said that the paragraph [Page 339] in yesterday’s communication to you from British regarding the fixing after President’s arrival of the date of his conferences with the Allies was due to the desire of the French to have the President view the devastated regions in France before the conferences commence. Tyrrell’s division of the classes of subjects to be discussed was first reconstitution of the world and second indemnities although he did not indicate any order of discussion but his grouping would include under one heading all the questions of every nature except indemnities. Tyrrell wants to establish contact between the various individuals connected with our delegation and with British who have to do with the same subjects, for example he would like their man working on Poland to be in contact with our expert on Poland, and so on through the list, and he is to give me a complete statement of British personnel with their assignments in order that I may discuss these questions with you. Will have further conference on procedure with Tyrrell and Crowe 14 tomorrow.

  1. Sir Eyre Crowe, British Assistant Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.