The French Ambassador ( Jusserand ) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic informs me that the delegate of the Polish National Committee at Paris recognized by the Allies has applied to him for permission to participate in the peace conference when questions bearing upon Polish affairs are taken up.

M. Stephen Pichon, who has had occasion to appreciate the favorable sentiments and well balanced mind of M. Pilz, answered that he was personally in favor of that request, warranted besides by the action taken on the similar request of the Czecho-Slovaks, but that the Allied Governments should be consulted before a final answer could be given.

I am therefore instructed to acquaint Your Excellency with M. Pilz’ application, and to ask that you kindly let me know as soon as you can the sentiment of the federal government on the subject.

Be pleased [etc.]