763.72119/2645: Telegram

The Minister in Persia ( Caldwell ) to the Secretary of State

43. The Persian Government contemplating sending commission to Washington at once with a view to and hope of obtaining assistance from America in getting a seat at the coming Peace Convention. The Shah, Cabinet and all officials and the Persian public attach very great importance to such representation hoping thus to settle definitely and forever the annoying vexatious question of their sovereign integrity and independence.

British Minister who appears to be sympathetic to Persian hopes and claims informs me that London advises “question representation of neutral countries depends on views of all Allied Associated Governments who will doubtless decide according to equity, expediency, special position of each power interested and the general political situation. As regards Persia, His Britannic Majesty’s Government will welcome presence of official Persian representative at the place where said congress will meet to be consulted if and when any question directly affecting Persian rights and interests comes up for discussion.” British Minister remarked to me yesterday that he believed matter would be finally settled by allowing Persia representation at the Peace Convention but that she would probably have no voice or vote on general questions but only on matters affecting Persia. This would appear to be fair and just.

I beg to point out that Persia’s grievance is greater than and differs from the sufferings of other neutrals in that her independence and sovereignty had been before the war repeatedly transgressed and questioned and since the war, violated by Russia, Turkey, and Great Britain; that the presence over her protest of three armies, viz, Russian, Turkish, and British, part of which did immense damage, pillaged, murdered and brought on famine, some of whom yet remain on her soil, makes her case in a category by itself.

I beg to suggest that this is the time to settle the twenty-five-century-old Persian question. Persia’s hope is in America.