763.72119/2912: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia ( Bundy ) to the Acting Secretary of State 1

Cables have been received recently by President of Liberia from both Consul General Lyon 2 and Receiver General Worley,3 each expressing willingness to accept appointment as delegate to represent Liberia at Peace Conference.

Following has been communicated to Legation as being attitude of President relative to his appointing delegates:

Liberia expects to be represented at Peace Conference and would appoint for this purpose, if advisable, mixed commission consisting of Liberians and Americans;
Members of said commission to be not fewer than three nor more than five. In either case chairman, as well as the majority of members of commission, to be Liberian;
Commission to be closely associated and to act in complete harmony with the delegates of the United States;
It would be agreeable to Liberia for the Government of the United States to recommend for appointment American member or members of commission;
Liberia disposed to take no action in matters relating to Peace Conference until definitely advised so to do by the Government of the United States.

President has intimated that he would be pleased if an official of the State Department familiar with Liberia’s internal questions might be recommended, as indicated under paragraph 4 above, for appointment as an American member. He also desires to know particulars of the proposal of Worley to make loan available for expenses of delegates.

  1. This telegram, except first and last paragraphs, repeated by the Department to the Commission to Negotiate Peace in telegram No. 125, Jan. 7, 1919, 3 p.m. (file No. Paris Peace Conf. 183.9 Liberia/1).
  2. Ernest Lyon, consul general of Liberia at Baltimore.
  3. Harry F. Worley, an American citizen.