Inquiry files

The Secretary of War ( Baker ) to Mr. Walter Lippmann

Dear Walter : I have your letter of the 27th with regard to the reduction of armaments question. I agree with you that it ought to be studied from the points of view which you suggest, and that those who study it ought to be headed by someone who would be available as a conferee at the Paris Conference. Under all the circumstances I think I would rather turn General Bliss’s mind loose on this subject than anybody’s else. He is not at hand just now, but when he comes back I will be glad to speak to him about it and let him brood upon it, as he will do thoroughly. I think it would not be a bad plan also to have General Crowder 4 thinking about it, as he has a ruminating mind and will take a good deal of pleasure in learning all the literature there is on the subject; but perhaps it would be better to have General Bliss invite Crowder in to help him study it than to start [Page 14] them independently in the matter, so that unless you want the study started sooner I will let the matter go until Bliss’s return.

Affectionately yours,

Newton D. Baker
  1. General Enoch H. Crowder, Provost Marshal General, United States Army.