763.72119/9190: Telegram

The Special Representative ( House ) to the Secretary of State

191. Secret. For the President. Wiseman, who is here, has received a cable stating that Mr. Balfour agrees: β€œThat delegates on panel system would suit us best.” I am not entirely certain what this means. It may mean that England might appoint any number of delegates, only five of which could sit at any one time. I shall ask for further explanation of this and will advise you promptly. Wiseman also says that Mr. Balfour believes we will have considerable [difficulty?] in inducing the French to meet our views on the language question. Balfour suggested that Derby and I take up [Page 174] with Clemenceau the question of arranging the use of both English and French as the official languages of the convention. Shall I act along these lines?

Edward House