Breckinridge Long Papers

The Third Assistant Secretary of State ( Long ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: Mr. Woolsey and I have thought about and talked about a bureau to be established for the study and preparation of those questions which appear likely to be proposed at the Peace Conference. We have thought that such work should be in charge of a board to be composed of,

  • First, a high official of the Navy;
  • Second, the Naval Instructor;
  • Third, the head of the War College;
  • Fourth, some official of the Department of State to be designated by you;
  • Fifth, some expert on International Law—such as Mr. Scott.

Under this board, and to serve as advisers to it, should be selected persons who are experts in the different geological [geographical] divisions of the work: such as Professor Harper on Russia; someone on the Balkan States; someone on Turkey and Persia; someone on Japan; someone on Germany and Austria; someone on England, France and Belgium, and such others as may, from time to time, develop as either necessary or expedient.

It is felt that the bureau—if the suggestion meets with your approval—should be organized immediately but most quietly and that its existence be not made known; that it should meet, not at the Department of State, but at the War College, or some other place where it could be concealed, and that it be furnished with all books and literature which could be of any possible service to it.

Personally I feel that the Secretary of State should keep control of it and of its operations; that it should report to the Secretary of State and be under his directions. Whether this would be sufficiently insured under the membership above proposed, cannot be definitely said, but it could be made certain by adding one or more other persons to be designated by the Secretary of State or it might be assured by having it composed of five persons to be designated by the Secretary of Slate and to have the military and naval representatives attached [Page 10] to it in an advisory capacity in the same manner as the expert advisers above indicated.

I am sorry that I will not have an opportunity to speak to you about this in person. I leave this memorandum for you and Mr. Woolsey will speak to you.

Respectfully submitted,

[ B. Long ]
  1. Brackets appear on the file copy.