Paris Peace Conf. 185.001/9

The Commander in Chief of the American Expeditionary Forces ( Pershing ) to the Special Representative ( House )

Inter-Allied Committees

Major Willard Straight, of your Staff, recently made a request on the First Section of the General Staff for the following information:
List of all Inter-Allied Committees upon which we have representatives.
Names of our representatives.
Reference to General Orders creating or relating to these committees.
Inclosed herewith is a statement in duplicate giving the data requested by Major Straight. This was compiled from information received from the five Staff Sections at these Headquarters and from the heads of the Administrative and Technical Services and is believed to be complete.
For the Commander-in-Chief:
[File copy not signed]
Chief of Staff

Statement of Inter-Allied Committees and A. E. F. Members

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Committee A. E. F. Members Remarks
Allied Standing Committee of Congress of the Submerged Nationalities of Austria Hungary Maj. Stephen Bonsai W. D., S. O. 183 para. 32, 1918.
American Mission, Bureau Interallié Capt. R. Tyler—Inf.
1st Lt. R. Norris—Inf.
2nd Lt. A. Vanderpoel, Inf.
2nd Lt. T. Riggs—Inf.
Anglo-American Tank Commission Lt. Col. J. A. Drain, O. D. Agreement between British & U. S. Governments, Jan. 22, 1918.
Board to study and report on all questions of a financial character arising from use of French railway system by A. E. F. Lt. Col. G. M. Newell—Q. M. C. } Par. 105, S. O. 102 Hq. S. O. S., 6/22/18.
Brig. Gen. W. W. Atterbury
Lt. Col. E. A. Gibbs—Engrs.
Lt. Col. I. A. Miller—R. T. C. Letter C. G., S. O. S. (G–l) to D. G. T. 8/23/18.
Coal Program Committee of Inter-Allied Maritime Board. Lt. Col. D. B. Wentz—Q. M. C. Tel. from C. G., S. O. S., 10/9/18.
Comité Interallié des Bois de Guerre. Col. J. A. Woodruff—Engrs. Letter from C. of S., A. E. F., 1/9/18.
Maj. T. S. Woolsey—Engrs.
Commission for Selection of Cemetery Sites at Pau (B. P.) &c. Lt. F. R. Flanders—Inf. Letter C. in C. to F. M. M., G. H. Q. 11/7/18.
Commission for Selection of Cemetery Sites at Rennes (I. et V.) &c. Maj. H. L. Hardy—Q. M. C. Letter C. in C. to F. M. M., G. H. Q., 11/7/18.
Commission for Selection of Cemetery Site at Tours (I. et L.). Maj. H. L. Hardy—Q. M. C. Letter C. in C. to F. M. M., G. H. Q., 11/9/18.
Commission for Selection of Cemetery Site at Belfort (T. de B.). Lt. H. G. Bissell—Inf. Letter C. in C. to F. M. M., G. H. Q. 10/29/18.
Commission for Selection of Cemetery Site at Lambezellec (Fin.). Lt. R. E. Hartwell—Q. M. C. Letter C. in C. to F. M. M., G. H. Q., 11/8/18.
Commission Sanitaire des Pays Alliés Lt. Col. D. P. Card—Med. C.
Maj. R. P. Strong—Med. C.
Committee of Chemical Warfare Service Supplies Brig. Gen. A. A. Fries.
Committee on Franco-American War Affairs Capt. H. J. Whitehouse—A. S. S. C.
1st Lt. J. B. Walker—A. G.
Czecho-Slovak Hdq. Paris Maj. Stephen Bonsal (Liaison Officer) Letter from C. in C. (G–2) 11/9/18.
Franco-American Radio Conference. Lt. Col. L. T. Gerow—S. C.
Lt. Col. L. R. Krumm—S. C.
Maj. F. N. Shumaker—A. S. S. C.
Franco-British Commission on Tombs. Lt. Col. Chas. C. Pierce—Q. M. C. Letter C. G., S. O. S., to C. in C, 7/9/18.
Franco-Polish Mission Capt. Royall Tyler (Liaison Officer) Letter from C. in C. 5/26/18.
French Committee No. 3 (Chemical Products) Maj. R. D. Ward—C. W. S. Telegram C. G., S. O. S., to G. P. A., 4/20/18.
Letter C. C. W. S. to C. G., S. O. S. 8/12/18 and indorsements.
Inter-Allied Aviation Committee. Maj. Gen. M. M. Patrick, Engrs. Letter C. in C. to French Under Secretary of Aviation, 6/9/18.
Col. Halsey Dunwoody, A. S. S. C.
Inter-Allied Board of Inventions. Lt. Col. H. E. Shreeve—S. C.
Inter-Allied Coal Committee. Col. W. J. Wilgus—R. T. C. Letter C. G., S. O. S. to Col. W. 10/9/18.
Inter-Allied Committee for Reeducation of War Cripples Lt. Col. J. E. Goldthwaite, Med. C.
Lt. Col. T. W. Salmon—Med. C.
Inter-Allied Council of Armament and Munitions and Sub Committees. Maj. Gen. W. C. Langfitt } Par. 35, S. O. 267, G. H. Q. 9/24/18.
Brig. Gen. E. Russell
Brig. Gen. J. H. Rice S. O. 223, GHQ. 8/11/18.
Brig. Gen. M. L. Walker
Inter-Allied Economy Committee for Petroleum Products Lt. Col. C. E. Dudley—Q. M. C. S. O. 66, par. 50, G. H. Q. c. s. 3/7/18.
Inter-Allied Secretaryship for Study of Gasses. Col. J. E. Zanetti—O. D. 1st Ind. C. G. S. to Capt. J. E. Zanetti, 12/8/17.
Inter-Allied Surgical Congress Brig. Gen. J. M. T. Finney—Med. C.
Col. J. F. Siler—Med. C.
Lt Col. G. W. Crile—Med. C.
Lt. Col. F. T. Murphy—Med. C.
Lt. Col. J. P. Hutchinson—Med. C.
Lt Col. Harvey Cushing—Med. C.
Maj. W. B. Cannon—Med. C.
Inter-Allied Technical Meetings. Maj. Geo. W. Semmes—Engrs. Memo from D. M. E. & E. S., 8/1/18.
Inter-Allied Telegraphic Telephonic Conferences. Lt Col. L. T. Gerow—S. C.
Inter-Allied Transportation Council Brig. Gen. W. W. Atterbury Letter C. in C. to British Min. of War, 1/15/18.
Inter-Allied Venereal Conference Brig. Gen. W. A. Bethel—J. A.
Col. W. D. McCaw—Med. C.
Maj. C. H. Brent—Chap.
Military Board of Allied Supply Brig. Gen. C. G. Dawes
Col. H. L. Hodges—Cav.
Lt. Col. F. D. Griffith, Jr.—Inf.
Major J. C. Roop—Engrs.
Major C. W. Adams—A. S. S. C.
Lt C. B. Gibson, Jr.—F. A.
Brig. Gen. C. H. McKinstry } Par. 43, S. O. 227, G. H. Q., 8/15/18.
Col. A. T. Perkins—Engrs.
Organization of Czechoslovak Troops Capt. E. V. Voska—Intell. C. (Liaison Officer). Par. 103, S. O. 208, G. H. Q., 1918.
Special U. S. Commissioner of Finance in Europe (Mr. Crosby). Maj. Stephen Bonsal (Liaison Officer). Letter from C. in C. (G–2) 9/6/18.
Supreme War Council—American Section. General T. H. Bliss—Genl. Staff
Brig. Gen. P. D. Lochridge—Genl. Staff
Col. S. D. Embick—S. C.
Col. U. S. Grant, III.—Genl. Staff
Col. W. S. Browning—F. A.
Col. J. M. Coward—C. A. C.
Lt. Col. Arthur Poillon—Cav.
Lt. Col. W. B. Wallace—Inf.
Maj. G. M. Exley—Q. M. C. Capt. B. A. Fuller—Inf. 1st Lt. P. A. Bedard—O. D.