763.72119 P 43/910: Telegram

The Special Representative ( House ) to the Secretary of State

119. Secret for the President. I believe it is very important that we should do everything possible to establish closer relations with liberal elements here in Paris. Ray Stannard Baker has been doing work of this character but has now gone to Italy to keep in touch with liberal elements there. I suggest that Miss Ida Tarbell, who has a profound knowledge of French character and institutions and who has written a life [of] Madam Roland which is exceedingly well thought of by French scholars, be sent at once to Paris to keep in close relations with the liberal elements here and to report on their activities. Miss Tarbell is persona grata with the liberal elements here.7

Edward House
  1. For President Wilson’s reply to this telegram, see the Department’s telegram No. 50 for Colonel House, Nov. 19, 1918, 4 p.m., vol. ii, p. 301.