763.72119 P 43/916: Telegram

The Special Representative ( House ) to the Secretary of State

106. Your 34 [33], November 14 [13]. From Grew. Wish to express my extreme gratification at selection as secretary of United States Commission to Peace Conference and am particularly happy to have Harrison and Patchin associated. Arrangements for the representatives are progressing and will take shape as plans of our Commission develop. For the present I foresee no needs which cannot [Page 159] be met here except insofar as Colonel House has made recommendations from time to time, particularly the request Department his 102 regarding stationery.4 It seems essential that the problems presented in telegrams 524 and 100 [99?]5 concerning communication with Washington, political intelligence, etc., should be dealt with in perfect accord and I earnestly hope that the recommendations made therein may be approved as delay in setting the machinery in motion may seriously affect the eventual smooth running of the American organization.

Would be glad to have Bullitt come as soon as possible and Dresel when available.

Edward House
  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed.
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