Edward M. House Papers: Telegram

The Special Representative ( House ) to President Wilson

7. When Lloyd George was here I spoke to him and Clemenceau about the number of delegates each country should have at the Peace Conference. Clemenceau remarked that half of France wanted to be [Page 157] present and Lloyd George replied that he was lucky for all England wished to attend. Lloyd George said he would be compelled to appoint among others a man from the Colonies and a labor representative. We agreed to postpone final discussion until they had time to think about it further.

I suggested that England, France, Italy and the United States should each have five places at the table, the other belligerent powers to have representation varying from one to three places according to their relative importance. This seemed to meet with their approval. I had in mind that Germany should also have five places.

It is essential that the sittings should contain only a limited number for we have found it difficult to transact business satisfactorily at Versailles, and it was necessary for the Prime Ministers to meet in advance in order that business might be facilitated.

The smaller countries like Belgium, Serbia and Greece have been quite contented to have one place each at the Versailles sittings.

I would appreciate an expression of your opinion.

Edward House