File No. 891.48/93

The Minister in Persia ( Caldwell) to the Secretary of State


16. American Relief Commission en route to Persia, headed by Doctor Judson, are scattered on the Pacific at Seattle, Bombay, Kermanshah, and Harakiri. They have immense supplies of much-needed medicine, supply of which is almost entirely exhausted in Persia. Epidemic of influenza prevails and quinine retails at $125 a pound. Commission also has stock of cotton, cotton cloth for clothing poor, Ford trucks, two motors, etc., but have been requested by British military to establish headquarters in Mesopotamia at Bakuba, between Kermanshah and Bagdad, where all indigent refugees from Urumiah region, women and others not of military age, variously reported at from 30,000 to 70,000 souls, are being maintained. Those of military age are pressed into service. In view of the foregoing, additional funds and help will be necessary to care for the poor and the refugees here and in other parts of Persia. Fifteen thousand Armenian refugees reported to have landed at Resht from Baku, but there is chance of their returning.

Relief funds distributed and work carried on last winter through American missionaries and Legation staff, three of the former dying as a direct result of work. We will be unable to carry on work this winter without assistance.

Doctor Cook of Commission, see your telegram No. 51, May 1, 5 p.m.,1 suddenly taken ill at Bombay, is returning to America.

  1. Not printed.