File No. 891.48/77

The Minister in Persia ( Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

No. 381

Sir: I have the honor to report compliance with the Department’s telegraphic instruction of April 22, No. 44. A copy of the telegram was wired to the Crown Prince at Tabriz and an additional copy transmitted to the Persian Foreign Office.

Hereto attached is translation, in duplicate, of the reply of the Persian Foreign Minister to the above-mentioned communication.

I have [etc.]

John L. Caldwell

The Persian Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Moshaver-ol-Mamalek) to the American Minister ( Caldwell)

No. 4259/231

Excellency: We have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your communication of April 23 last, enclosing copy of a telegram from the “Armenian and Syrian Relief Committee.” In answer to it we desire to state that it has been the policy of the Persian Government for many years to treat honorably all peoples of foreign nations, especially Christians, residing in Persia. Unfortunately, as Your Excellency knows, some Turkish Christians invaded Persia during this great war and have assassinated more than 20,000 persons, besides committing many other crimes against the inhabitants. If, with the assistance of the American Government the “Armenian and Syrian Relief Committee” will stop these people from committing further crimes and cruel deeds, the Persian [Page 571] Government will be glad to honor and help them in every way possible.

This occasion is taken to renew the honors due to you.

Ali Gholi