File No. No. 763.72112/4993

The British Ambassador ( Spring Rice) to the Secretary of State

No. 344

My Dear Mr. Secretary: From certain letters which have been intercepted by the British censorship (of which I can furnish you with photographic copies if desired) it appears that remittances are being sent to Austria-Hungary through the intermediary of the [Page 424] Spanish Ambassador in Washington, although it is not established whether they are sent under cover of diplomatic privilege. In this connection I have been requested by my Government to ascertain what arrangements have been made by the United States Government in regard to the transmission of funds from this country to enemy and enemy-occupied territory. I should be very grateful if you would be so kind as to furnish me with the information for which my Government have asked.

It may be of interest to add that about three weeks ago the Governor-General of Canada informed me that the Spanish Ambassador in Washington was receiving remittances from Canada for transmission to enemy-occupied Russian territory. I brought this to the attention of Señor Riaño, adding that it was the understanding of the Canadian authorities that the only channel for such remittances authorized by the Treasury was Messrs. Thomas Cook & Son, whereupon he assured me that he would in future refuse to undertake the transmission of funds from Canada.

Believe me [etc.]

(For the Ambassador)
Colville Barclay