File No. No. 195.2/1207a

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Colombia ( Belden)


United States Government has approved sale of German steamers Albingia and Virginia now Cartagena by Hamburg-American Line to Edward Geer who has transferred them to Jason Navigation Corp., of New York. Geer has sent Captains Farrington and Edmonson to take delivery at Cartagena. They are due September 28, and Department has cabled Consul stating that Department of Commerce has asked that he be instructed to issue provisional registry to above-mentioned steamers, Virginia under name of Jason and Albingia under name of Argonaut. Should Colombian authorities make any objections to vessels leaving Cartagena under American flag? you may inform Government that sale and change of registry made with approval United States Government.1

  1. The Chargé replied Oct. 17: “Government accepted sale without comment and advised Colombian authorities Cartagena to make no objections to departure of vessels.” (File No. 195.2/1236.)