File No. 860c.01/152

The Secretary of State to the Attorney General ( Gregory)

Sir: Referring to your letter of October 12,1 and to previous correspondence, particularly to your letter of August 121 regarding the issuance by the Polish National Committee of certificates of Polish nationality to residents of the United States who, though technically “alien enemies” under the provisions of section 4067 of the Revised Statutes because of their birth in enemy countries, are of Polish nationality, I have the honor to advise you that Mr. Paderewski, representative in the United States of the Polish National Committee, has recently called at the Department and expressed great disappointment at the attitude of the Government toward Polish residents in the United States. He states that the certificates issued by him have become practically worthless; that, in several instances, holders of such certificates have been arrested and treated with the utmost lack of consideration; that only about 150 certificates have been issued by him, and that he has stopped further issuance of the certificates because of the suspicion under which the holders thereof seem to be held by your Department.

Inasmuch as the issuance of these certificates has been duly authorized by this Government (as you were informed by my letter of September 30, 1918,1) pursuant to an understanding reached between your Department and the Department of State, I venture to suggest that you may desire to issue instructions to the end that the certificates may receive proper recognition by the agents of the Department of Justice.

I have [etc.]

Robert Lansing
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