File No. 656.119/799

The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin) to the Secretary of State


2513. War Trade Board from Sheldon:

1596. Referring to your 1322, Department’s 1708, October 1, 3 p.m. In view of your suggestion regarding possibility of securing for the United States later, as part of the general agreement, the voluntary consent of the Dutch Government to the broader control incorporated into the proposed Allied joint agreement now being negotiated, how would you consider postponement of negotiations for separate agreement by War Trade Board? Such postponement is suggested on assumption that no great delay would arise in concluding the general agreement and that present arrangements regarding consignment of exports from United States to N[etherlands] O[versea] T[rust] will in meantime continue. A[llied] B[lockade] C[ommittee] suggested your considering such postponement of your negotiations in order to avoid unfavorable impression that would be created if dual and nonidentic agreements were simultaneously negotiated, the opinion being that our nonadherence for the time being to the identic agreement made by the three other powers would be less unfavorably commented on than should we take the positive step of concluding a separate agreement. I think the foregoing views should receive careful consideration though I fully appreciate the difficulties of our anomalous position in consigning such small amounts of goods as we now export to Holland to the N. O. T. without our having any agreement.