File No. 656.119/763a

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Netherlands ( Kirk)


2047. You are authorized to deliver to the Foreign Office a note of the following tenor:

As has often been stated previously by the Government of the United States, that Government is prepared to renew discussions for the conclusion of an understanding under which the Government of the United States will feel that it can properly offer facilities for the resumption of imports to the Netherlands to meet the requirements of her people and to afford relief to her industries and if the Netherlands Government determines to appoint a representative haying full power to conduct such discussions, the Government [Page 1531]of the United States, acting in conjunction with its associates in the war, will welcome such a delegate and be pleased to enter into discussion with him. While the Government of the United States cannot agree to the export to the Central Powers of articles which are of prime necessity or of military importance to the enemy, it is recognized by the Government of the United States that the Netherlands are in certain difficulty, owing to the fact that they are dependent on Germany for certain materials. The Government of the United States is prepared to consider suggestions as to any scheme under which such dependence could be reduced.

It is understood that the British Minister has already been instructed by the Foreign Office to deliver a substantially similar note and it is desired if possible that the delivery of these notes be contemporaneous.