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File No. 659a.119/21

The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin ) to the Secretary of State


10635. War Trade Board for Woolley, from Bigelow:

No. 794. Referring your 585. United States are to receive 50 per cent of available Iceland wool. This may be increased to 75 per cent. Prices, as per our cable 626, May 22, Embassy 10185, are lower than current United States option price. Please advise us at once to whom you wish the wool invoiced and what arrangements you propose to make regarding freight and insurance. Wool will be delivered f.o.b. Iceland. Part is ready for shipment at once. Arrangement calls for one month’s free storage. Allied representative is now in Iceland selecting, grading, and approving wool. United States will receive all available Iceland wooled sheep skins on the basis of 12 kroner a bundle of two skins of an average weight of eight kilograms. Have instructed authorities to hold in storage until further instructed all Iceland wool allocated to United States. Please advise if this is satisfactory.