File No. 659.119/195

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Denmark ( Grant-Smith)


742. Answering yours 10th, No. 1935, 2 p.m. We are willing to agree that such vessels as are actually operated under agreement between Denmark and United States shall not be forced to sign the complete new bunker regulations of United States. In lieu of signing the form B—4 of the new bunker regulations we will accept from Denmark a list of the names of vessels and the routes upon which they are now running. We will agree that they shall continue running on these routes for 60 days from execution of agreement.

The only reason for desiring the authority to remove employees is on account of actions of some masters and officers in favor of enemy, and we are willing to provide that any violations of neutrality or unfriendly act by officers or crew shall be the only reason for removal of same.