File No. 659.119/179a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page)


6198. Following for Sheldon from War Trade Board:

Danish proposal.1 We have agreed to increased quantities as suggested. We have to insist that exportation of cattle to Germany of 6,000 head per week be the limit and cannot increase number of horses. We propose as additional observations the following:

In general it is the principle of the Allied Governments to supply to Denmark for her own needs raw materials and manufactured articles in order to aid her in the maintenance of an economic independence during the war.

It is believed that the allotment of cotton can be raised several thousand tons if desired by Denmark.

It is our understanding that the agreement to export butter and bacon and live cattle represents the limitation of export of agricultural products to Germany.

In connection with saltpeter it is suggested that in view of the scarcity of tonnage and transportation facilities available for saltpeter and its very high price, Denmark should be able to purchase from Norway calcium nitrate at comparable price and at great saving in transportation.

We desire that you confer with our allies as to the actual needs of Denmark on tonnage, as British Embassy here figured 350,000 [Page 1298]tons as sufficient for total Danish requirements. Before replying to Danish cable we need the viewpoint of Great Britain on this important question and request immediate reply, as immediately on receipt this information we will submit our final proposal to Denmark through our Minister.