File No. 861.51/140

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State


1236. Just had call from two Ministers who tell me Ministry much astonished over presence there of English and French missions1 and statements in press that credit likely to be extended to England at rate of $200,000,000 monthly; to France for $100,000,000; to Italy for $50,000,000; and to Russia for probably $100,000,000. They are very fearful of our granting credit to England for Russia or to Russia through England and say such policy would be grievous mistake and would hurt Russian pride irreparably, in which I fully concur. New liberty loan very popular. Minister of Finance addressed Moscow Bourse Friday when resolution was unanimously adopted pledging every interest represented to subscribe to extent of 25 per cent of its capital. Subscription was Rs. 700,000,000. Object of this call was to caution us against extending credit to Russia through England whose patronizing attitude is bitterly resented by people and Ministry. Russian commission will leave within ten days. Can we send cruiser to Bergen or Liverpool to meet it? Such suggestion made by Ministers calling and strikes me favorably.

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Callers told me Ministry resented suggestion of British Ambassador that Siberian Railway be turned over to us, saying Russia does not need nurses but had agreed directly with us concerning Vladivostok and had candidly told me yesterday of their wishes and requirements in White Sea. You see their sensitiveness especially [as concerns] England.

  1. British and French missions, headed respectively by Balfour and Viviani, arrived in Washington Apr. 23 and 25.