File No. 861.77/533

The Italian Ambassador (Macchi di Cellere) to the Secretary of State

No. 2381

Mr. Secretary of State: I have reference to the note so courteously addressed to me by your excellency under date of the 14th instant, and enclosing a copy of a telegram sent by your honorable Department to the Ambassadors of the United States at Rome, London, and Paris with regard to the organization of Russian railways in Siberia.

I made the contents of the note known to his excellency the Royal Minister of Foreign Affairs and Baron Sonnino now telegraphs me that he has been advised by the United States Embassy at Rome of the mission with which Mr. John F. Stevens has been entrusted for [Page 262] the organization of the railway system of Siberia and wishes me to inform your excellency that the intentions of the Government of the United States in this connection meet with his full approval.

I take pleasure [etc.]

V. Macchi di Cellere