File No. 861.77/459

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan (Morris)


The following telegram has been received from Stevens sent from Vladivostok September 3:

Japanese General has issued order placing railroads under military control, will probably at once place Japanese in charge. I would ask answer my cable August 26. Quick action needed or American railroad men are out of business completely.

Please inform the Minister for Foreign Affairs at once that the President is very much disturbed by this report and can not believe that it represents the desires or the intentions of the Japanese Government. Such measures as those reported are quite at variance with [Page 243] the purpose of the “United States to aid Russia in which purpose this Government is confident Japan concurs. The Russian Railway Service Corps is still under the control and in the pay of the Russians. I am informed by Viscount Ishii that the Allied commanders have approved the men’s remaining under Russian control.

Please let me have the reply of the Japanese Government at the earliest opportunity. Stevens advised report has been referred to you.