File No. 861.77/279

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Yokohama (Scidmore)


For Stevens from Felton:2

Your letter January 93 to Willard:

Emerson and his men organized and commissioned by Secretary of War as “Russian Railway Service Corps,” are not officers [Page 223]of Regular Army but hold special certificates of identity setting forth their status, including treatment if captured by enemy. Corps had to be specially organized outside Regular Army in order to receive salaries larger than those payable by law to Regular Army officers of same rank.
Credit Willard referred to for you was the $5,000 you requested December 4. Inform me when you need additional credit for your own expenses and compensation. You understand that you and personnel of Railway Advisory Commission are supported out of special United States funds, while Russian Railway Service Corps is supported out of Russian funds. Original plan for latter was that they should be maintained by Ministry of Ways of Communication after reaching Russia and you-should arrange with Russian railway authorities, whenever it proves practicable to do so, that at least all expenses of corps exclusive of salaries should be assumed by them.
Have requested Quartermaster War Department to submit bill for subsistence on Thomas which will be paid by Russian Railway Mission here as cabled Emerson January 15.

  1. Samuel M. Felton, Director General of Military Railways, War Department.
  2. Not printed.