File No. 861.77/264

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State1


2184. Also for Willard:

[Page 215]

Nothing from Stevens since 14th ultimo when he wired from Vladivostok was going to Nagasaki 17th and await orders. I hope you will not order or permit his return as I feel that we would thereby lose great opportunity to improve transportation here. Ground prepared at great cost of time, management, and labor and only awaits sowing of seed for us to reap great harvest, regardless of Russian political outcome. Do not mean commercial return only. Moral effect of timely assistance immense. Work is humanitarian as it relieves famine. Furthermore, if no separate peace improved transportation be potential factor if not essential. Please answer.

  1. Substance repeated to Stevens through the Consulate at Yokohama, Jan. 9, 1 p.m.: “For your information and encouragement following from Ambassador in Petrograd: … Willard concurs these views.”