File No. 861.77/267a

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Yokohama (Scidmore)


For John F. Stevens from Daniel Willard:

Your cable 20th. Understand you are with Emerson and his force at Nagasaki. It is thought best that you should all remain there for a while and await developments in Russia. Probably inside thirty days definite decision can be reached concerning future course. There is great opportunity for most valuable work for you and Emerson in Russia, providing stable government is established and think it would be most unfortunate to abandon that plan as long as there is any hope. Have had credit established for you as per your cable December 4 and $50,000 for Emerson. Assume this will keep you both going until definite decision can be reached concerning future. Keep me advised any new developments.

If Stevens not at Yokohama forward the above to Nagasaki.