File No. 861.77/244

The Chairman of the Advisory Commission of Railway Experts to Russia (Stevens) to the Secretary of State


To Willard:

Transport Thomas sails on 17th from Vladivostok for Nagasaki taking the railway and Baldwin units. Railway chief is most anxious to go ahead when the situation clears and so am I but he says must wait for further developments, Algonquin having [admitting during?] precarious situation impossibility of proceeding with work at the present moment. Danger of harbor freezing makes prompt action imperative. Ice breakers in the hands of insurgents. Please arrange quickly very ample credit for Emerson through American Ambassador, Tokyo, as I can not supply him, and shore quarters and food in Japan require cash. I strongly advise holding units in Japan reasonable time as there is reason to believe prospects will justify. I shall go at once to Japan for a few days myself, then return to Russia. Cable instructions … care of Consul of the United States, Yokohama.