File No. 661.939/6

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Page) to the Secretary of State


10082. I communicated to Mr. Balfour your 7529, May 7 [1], 8 p.m., regarding embargo on exports of foodstuffs from China to Russia. He states that in February last embargo was relaxed in such a way as to permit passage of foodstuffs from Harbin eastward to Vladivostok and western Russia to Irkutsk upon certificates from Allied Consuls. Mr. Balfour is not quite clear from reports received whether dispatch of foodstuffs westward was permitted to districts between the Manchurian frontier and Irkutsk or only to Irkutsk itself. There seems to be no reason why foodstuffs should not be sent to parts of Siberia east of Irkutsk as promptly as possible. British Minister at Peking has been telegraphed on the subject and Mr. Balfour promises definite answer upon receipt of his reply.