File No. 861.48/735

The Chargé in Russia (Poole) to the Secretary of State


705. Pursuant to Department’s 336 [326], October 26, 4 p.m.,1 inventory has been completed of merchandise now at Murmansk, showing total value of $150,000. Distribution will begin at once under [Page 172] direction of Lieutenant Bukowski of the office of the military attaché and a representative of the provisional government. Report follows by mail.1

It appears from telegrams received by the provisional government from the Russian Embassy at Washington, that certain further consignments are en route from America in charge of Engineer Malishevski. I have informed the provisional government that in the absence of other instructions from the Department this Embassy will not further participate in distribution. I have explained that this decision has been taken not because the Embassy is unwilling to help, but out of deference for the principle of leaving consistent activities as far as possible entirely in Russian hands.

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  2. Not printed.