File No. 661.119/342a

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Vladivostok (Caldwell)1


For Heid [from War Trade Board]:

18. Referring our 1,2 paragraph 3, following press notice issued to-day:3

The War Trade Board to which the President has intrusted the execution of plans for rendering unselfish economic aid to Russia, has now established a corporation to carry out or administer certain details of this economic program in regions and lines of trade where it is not possible to accomplish this through the ordinary channels of trade. Articles of incorporation were to-day4 filed for this corporation, to be known as “The War Trade Board of the United States Russian Bureau, Incorporated.” The capital of this corporation, which is to be operated in the interest of the Russian people, is placed at $5,000,000, the amount of the revolving fund placed at the disposal of the War Trade Board for the purpose of financing the plans and policies of economic assistance to the Russian people.

  1. The same, except for reference to previous telegram, on the same date, to the Consul at Archangel (No. 10); and to the Minister in Sweden (No. 1272, for Owen, No. 98).
  2. To the Ambassador in Japan, temporarily at Vladivostok, Oct. 10, 4 p.m., ante, p. 150.
  3. Should be Nov. 7, which was the original date of the telegram.
  4. Nov. 5 in the published notice.