File No. 661.119/304a

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Norway (Schmedeman)


547. [From War Trade Board] for Dye1 [and] for Owen:

111. We desire to know whether in your opinion it is feasible or desirable to establish in Scandinavia, presumably in Stockholm, some organization to cooperate with British and French for accomplishment of such purposes as preventing supplies going into Russia to undesirable consignees or in furtherance of Germany’s economic plans; handling as soon as possible goods of Allied origin so that they can be used in Russia in Allied and Russian interests in somewhat the same manner as is contemplated by our plans for Vladivostok and Archangel; securing desirable goods of Russian origin so as to prevent their reaching Germany. American military attaché at Archangel reports that he feels effective Russian work can now be done from Stockholm … Please cable us your views fully on these matters.

War Trade Board has appointed August Heid as its representative at Vladivostok and Consul Cole its representative at Archangel. Each is authorized to build up an organization under him to control distribution of commodities imported under license of War Trade Board and we propose for the present to allow no imports into Russia unless exporter consents to consignment to War Trade Board organization which will determine to whom and where commodities shall be sold and the terms of sale. This control will be exercised to prevent exploitation and profiteering and to permit goods to reach the actual consumers who need the same and who are located where it is most important that American aid and sympathy be felt. We expect that shipment of commodities will shortly commence to Vladivostok, which commodities will in part be goods licensed under an arrangement as above indicated, and in part commodities purchased out of revolving fund put at disposal of War Trade Board by President for the purpose of supplementing private shipments.

We understand National City Bank has in Stockholm about twenty men withdrawn from Russia and at least some of whom are now arriving in this country. We have discussed with the bank here the possibility of securing the services of some of these men for Russian work and we desire your personal opinion of such of these men as you may know, especially as to their qualifications for service under our representatives in Russia. Are there any of these men [Page 165] still in Stockholm or any others whose services you would desire to utilize? If so, we will be glad to endeavor to facilitate your obtaining them.

  1. Alexander V. Dye, War Trade Board representative at Christiania.