File No. 861.51/167

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State


1529. Also for Secretary of the Treasury:

Minister for Foreign Affairs whom have just seen says Government responsible for $10,000,000 payment to Bakhmeteff but that requests for future installments on $75,000,000 loan will be made through Embassy here and used only for the specific purpose of paying army and navy in Finnish marks where such are required. Told him would not recommend extension of additional $25,000,000 credit mentioned in my telegram No. 1524 until satisfied present Provisional Government will survive or some strong government established which can preserve order and prosecute war. Told me knew nothing of any credits extended by us except for $100,000,000 and for $75,000,000 notwithstanding communication from his department of July 14, mentioned in my No. 1524. What credits have we extended? See my No. 1528 about conditions here.1