File No. 861.777/500

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia (Francis)


300. Your 419.1 Russian Embassy requests reply as follows:

Engineer Goryashkovski begs to transmit to Sakharov that with the assistance of the Russian Ambassador at Washington, boots, clothes and underwear to the amount of $400,000 have been purchased in America on account of Murmanstroika for employees and workmen of Murman Railway and Murmanstroika. Besides, there have been contributed 500 barrels of biscuits and 72,000 tins of milk and rice. Above goods have been shipped and are at present at Bergen, Norway, and will be taken to destination by Engineer Mali-shevski. Sakharov and engineers of Murman Railway should communicate with Malishevski through the Russian Ambassador at Stockholm, Gulkevich.

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