File No. 861.00/2668

The British Chargé (Barclay) to the Secretary of State

No. 989

Sir: With reference to the memorandum transmitted on September 3 by this Embassy to the State Department on the subject of supplies for Archangel and Murmansk, I have the honour to inform you that I am in receipt of a telegram from His Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the effect that the French Government and His Majesty’s Government have agreed to share equally the ultimate expenditure incurred by the Allies in European Russia, including the maintenance of the Czecho-Slovak forces, but apart from the expenses of their own forces operating in Russia.

In this connection, Mr. Balfour instructs me to submit a request that the United States Government should bear a third part of such expenditure, so that the ultimate cost would be equally divided among the three Governments. The cost of foodstuffs supplied by the United States for the rationing at Archangel and Murmansk would be taken into account in the total charge to be borne by the three Governments. Moreover, these supplies will be distributed to the civilian population, save in very exceptional circumstances, only against payment in rubles which would (or their sterling equivalent), if desired, be held for the account of the United States Government.

I have [etc.]

Colville Barclay