File No. 861.51/161

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State


1497. Answering your 1552, July 9, 5 p.m., Root and I joined in recommendation for $75,000,000 credit. Russia will use that credit [Page 12] to procure Finnish marks with which to pay Russian soldiers in Finland and Russian sailors in Finnish waters who will not accept rubles. This $75,000,000 is separate credit for specific purpose and will be used solely for the purpose mentioned and consumed in such amounts and at such times as requirements determine. If Russian soldiers or sailors should be withdrawn from Finland and Finnish waters or for any reason Finnish marks should not be required to pay Russian soldiers and sailors this $75,000,000 credit will not be consumed, but under no circumstances is it to be increased without additional agreement. Thinking Finland might have designs use this credit for purchases in the United States, I have definitely informed Russian Government that the extension of this credit carries no obligation on our part to permit any kind of exports to Finland or elsewhere. Minister of Foreign Affairs at front returning 14th. Above agreement however quite definite. It is possible Finland may require some or all of credit transferred by Russia (to be kept?) in London to which I suppose you do not object. Russian-Finnish relations strained. Please answer by telegraph immediately whether above agreement is clearly understood.