File No. 861.51/154

The Ambassador on Special Mission to Russia (Root) to the Secretary of State


15. Critical situation exists here requiring payment of naval and part of military force of Warsaw [Finland] for which Russian paper money can not be used. This affects most powerful part of Baltic Fleet and unless met promptly will seriously endanger existing government and whole line of Russian offense and defense. Under these pressing conditions we recommend that for the purpose of insuring the prosecution of the war a further credit of $75,000,000 be made available immediately for Russia without any limitation as to where money will be used. Minister for Foreign Affairs assures us this amount will suffice for this important purpose until next November. It is now apparent that the deficiency in tonnage will greatly reduce the quantity of munitions for which credits to Russia will be required. Answer should be received by Francis if possible prior to July 14, July 1, Russian style, when pay is due.

  • Root
  • Francis