File No. 841.731/215

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page )


923. Your 1430, January 7, 7 p. m. Department does not believe there is reason to abandon your argument with the British Government as to use of legitimate innocent trade words, as case referred to in your 1400, January 4, is not similar. British Government well know this Government censors only radiotelegraphic messages. Much more care and caution necessary in censoring radio telegrams than submarine cable messages, as message transmitted between radio stations may be picked up and utilized by other than party for whom intended. Department does not feel that this strictness of censorship should apply to submarine cables. Our radio stations are under the control of Navy Department which details naval officer censor with full instructions which he executes impartially. Department does not believe radio messages should be sent otherwise than plain language unless codes furnished according to regulations.