File No. 195.1/337

The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador ( Spring Rice )

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: Acting upon your suggestion, having reference to the expressed willingness of your Government in case the steamer Dacia shall be seized to take the cargo of cotton and settle for the same at the price which would have been realized by the shippers if the cargo had reached its German consignees or, if desired by the shippers, to unload the cotton and reload it upon another ship and forward to Rotterdam at your Government’s expense, I have inquired of the owners of the cargo what are their wishes in the premises and am now informed by them that, while it [Page 690] is particularly hoped that your Government will not seize the Dacia or detain the cargo in view of the interruption of the voyage consequent upon unloading and reloading, the owners prefer that your Government purchase the cotton and compensate them as has been suggested would be done. In this relation I think I should inform you that the representative of the owners of the cargo, while of the opinion that your Government will be in the wrong if it seizes the ship, has expressed himself to the officers of the Department as being pleased at the fairness manifested by your Government in its proposed treatment of the cargo in case the ship shall be taken.

I am [etc.]

W. J. Bryan