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The Ambassador in Great Britain (Page) to the Secretary of State


2236. Your 1592, May 20, and 1625,1 May 28. Following reply received to-day from Foreign Office:

I did not fail to refer to the proper department of His Majesty’s Government the notes which your excellency was good enough to address to me on the 22d and 29th ultimo enquiring as to the Admiralty announcement cancelling the notice on navigation in the North Sea of November 30, 1914.

I have the honour to state in reply that the notice on navigation in the North Sea dated 15th May introduced no new regulations with regard to the northabout route. The notice was merely intended to summarize existing practice which has been evolved with the object of ensuring that trade passing northabout shall be limited in amount and reputable in character.

Many applications for vessels to use the northabout route have been received through the legations of the Scandinavian powers in London and permission has been granted.

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I have the honour to add that any similar applications which may be made on behalf of United States vessels would of course receive equal treatment.

American Ambassador
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