File No. 763.72/2207

The Minister in Roumania, Servia, and Bulgaria (Vopicka) to the Secretary of State


154. Political information. Bulgaria has gone with Central powers. Firstly, because she was not permitted to occupy Macedonia at once with her troops and Entente powers wanted to occupy Macedonia with their own soldiers and hold it for Bulgaria, but this was not satisfactory to latter.

Secondly, Bulgarian King absolutely believes Central powers will be victorious in the end and that Bulgaria can get more from Central powers than from Entente powers. In Bulgarian manifesto, just published, reason for war with Servia is given as follows: “Servia not only was inflexible to the advice of her friends and allies but in her animosity and cupidity attacked our territory, and our brave troops had to defend our soil, etc.” Of course the last paragraph is untrue—Bulgaria attacked Servia.

The president of Deutsche Bank, the same man who made loan to Bulgaria, is now dickering about loan to Roumania and offering all the money Roumania wants. However, Roumania has declined to bind herself wholly at present. But if Roumania could not get money in America or England, I am afraid that she will bind herself to Germany. The true Roumanian press is fiercely attacking the present Government and the King because Roumania is not going against Bulgaria. The people are overwhelmingly for Entente powers but the Government is just like the Sphinx, the King is undoubtedly pro-German and Prime Minister is his obedient servant. There is a scheme on foot to sell to Germany at fancy prices the whole of Roumania’s crop through an economic society which was formed here a few days ago, of course for the consideration that the members of the society, which would mean more or less all Roumanian landowners, would favor Germany.

If this scheme should work out satisfactorily, then Roumania would go with Germany, especially if Germany would make loan to Roumanian Government, but only in case that Russia will remain as weak as now. Many German agents who worked in Bulgaria to change sentiment in favor of Germany have come to Roumania, especially Bucharest.

The secretary of the Servian Legation told me that unless the Entente powers send immediately to the Servian front at least 150,000 men, within less than two weeks Servia will be defeated by the Germans.

Much talk here regarding a conspiracy between the three German-descended Balkan Kings.

Minister Vopicka