File No. 611.419/132

The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador ( Spring Rice )

Excellency: Having reference to your note of January 8, for the receipt of which I have to thank you, relative to the removal of the British embargo on British rubber:

Your excellency states that manufacturers desiring to obtain supplies of rubber from the British Empire will be required to enter into an undertaking not to export any raw waste or reclaimed rubber except to the United Kingdom or British possessions; not to sell rubber now delivered but to use it in their own factories; to execute orders for manufactured goods from neutral European countries from stocks in the United Kingdom; not to sell manufactured goods to any person in the United States without first ascertaining that he has no intention to export same to Europe except through the United Kingdom and to give notice to His Majesty’s Consul General of shipment to non-European countries and to put a distinctive mark on all manufactured goods exported or sold for export. The question has arisen whether this proposed undertaking would comprehend the use and disposition of rubber obtained in countries other than British territories. While I am inclined to the view that the proposed guarantee is intended only to apply to rubber obtained from the United Kingdom or British possessions and to products manufactured therefrom, I will be pleased to have you inform me particularly on this point.

I have [etc.]

W. J. Bryan