The Austro-Hungarian Chargé at Washington (Zwiedinek) to the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs (Burian)

286. In continuance of my telegram of to-day, through Secretary of State’s goodness, Mr. Lansing informs me that after considering the radiotelegram I received from your excellency yesterday he feels that he should make the following comment:

While Mr. Lansing realizes that some delay in replying to the last note of the American Government results naturally from the Christmas holiday, his excellency would consider it unfortunate if several days should elapse before an answer is received. There is a very general impression which is not unwarranted, that the issue is too distinct to require long consideration.

His excellency fears therefore that if the answer is not delivered early next week wrong motives for the delay will be imputed to my Government which might make the situation more serious than it is now.

Mr. Lansing hopes that I shall be able to impress upon your excellency that promptness in reply will avoid increasing the tension which already exists.