File No. 865.857An2/126

The German Embassy to the Department of State

J. Nr. A 8324]

The Imperial German Embassy presents its compliments to the United States Department of State and has the honor to enclose herewith a wireless cipher message, in duplicate, to the Foreign Office in Berlin for kind transmission to the Tuckerton station.

Duplicate copies of the message in plain English are likewise enclosed.


The Austro-Hungarian Charge at Washington ( Zwiedinek ) to the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Burian )

272. I have just been informed by Secretary of State that my personal suggestion “that a possible solution of the Ancona case might be found if Austro-Hungarian Government would agree that such attacks should not be repeated and if consideration of the law and fact relating to the sinking of the Ancona were then continued,” [is] entirely unacceptable.