File No. 865.857An2/76

The Ambassador in Italy (Page) to the Secretary of State


498. Department’s 420, 17th.1 Twelve Americans known to have been aboard Ancona. They were Mrs. Cecile L. Greil, first cabin, Joseph Torrisi and daughter Carmela, second cabin, bearing American passports 2880 and 2887, and third cabin, Alexander Potalivo, wife Maria Nicola Potalivo, two sons, Mario aged nineteen, Irlando aged seventeen, and two daughters Maria Irmida, fourteen, and Maria, eleven years. Previous spelling Pattativo was erroneous. Pasquale Laurino formerly mentioned as Saurino naturalized. Mrs. Francis Mascola Lamura reported as wife naturalized American citizen and child name not given.

Of foregoing, only three are known to survive, namely: Mrs. Greil, who left Rome to sail to-day from Bordeaux by steamer Rochambeau; Joseph Torrisi, in hospital at Ferryville, Tunisia; and Irlando Potalivo. Another passenger, Ilazione Azzolini, whose deposition forwarded you December 1, had taken out first citizenship papers.

Nelson Page
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