File No. 865.857An2/47

The Austro-Hungarian Chargé ( Zwiedinek ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Phillips )

My Dear Mr. Phillips : ...

As to the Ancona case, my conviction that the explanation would be satisfactory has proven correct. This Embassy has not yet received a direct official telegram from the Foreign Minister, and I do not know as we shall get one at all, but the official announcement of the Austro-Hungarian Admiralty transmitted to us by wireless via Sayville appears to cover the whole situation. I enclose a copy of the telegram as we received it yesterday....

I am [etc.]

E. Zwiedinek

Official announcement of the Austro-Hungarian Admiralty

Official Austro-Hungarian Admiralty reports foreign press spreads false reports about sinking Ancona, which took place as follows: Submarine fired one shot before steamer’s prow, upon which steamer fled full speed, according order Italian authorities, which runs, “flee or sink submarine.” Submarine pursued steamer and continued firing. Steamer stopped only when hit several times. Submarine allowed 45 minutes abandon steamer, where panic reigned, but only small number boats were lowered and occupied principally by crew. Great number boats, probably sufficient for save all passengers, remained unoccupied after 50 minutes. Submarine in presence other approaching steamer submerged and torpedoed Ancona, which sank after further 45 minutes. If passengers lost life, this by crew’s fault, because steamer tried escape when received order for stopping, and then crew only saved themselves, not passengers. Foreign press reports submarine fired on lifeboats mendacious inventions. When steamer stopped submarine ceased firing.