File No. 763.72/2089

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard )


2154. Your 2824, September 2.1 On September 1 the German Ambassador wrote me as follows:

I beg to inform you that my instructions concerning our answer to your last Lusitania note contain the following passage: “Liners will not be sunk by our submarines without warning and without safety of the lives of non-combatants, provided that the liners do not try to escape or offer resistance.” Although I know that you do not wish to discuss the Lusitania question till the Arabic incident has been definitely and satisfactorily settled, I desire to inform you of the above because this policy of my Government was decided on before the Arabic incident occurred.

As this note indicates that a further communication from the German Government may be expected, please bring this matter to the attention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and request to be informed when this Government may expect a full statement in regard to the Arabic case.

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