File No. 841.857Ar1/39

The Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard ) to the Secretary of State


2780. Von Jagow’s statement to me at 1.30 to-day sent in my last cable in which he said that if the torpedoing of Arabic was as reported in English papers that it would be disavowed and reparation [Page 527] made, was, I learn informally, made by direct direction of the Chancellor who has taken this stand on his own initiative. Both the Chancellor and Von Tirpitz are hurrying to see the Emperor who is in Silesia. I hope you understand in view of the political situation here and influence of Von Tirpitz what a bold step has been taken by the Chancellor and Foreign Office and that you will make their road to disavowal and reparation as easy as possible under the circumstances. If made too hard Von Tirpitz and the party of [frightfulness] might again get the upper hand.