File No. 462.11Se8/44

The Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard ) to the Secretary of State


2719. Following telegram from Consul General, Hamburg, for Department was accepted by Berlin telegraph office August 5 but [Page 509] returned to Embassy by Foreign Office to-day on the ground that cipher telegrams cannot be sent by wireless unless cipher from which telegrams are coded is placed at the disposal of censor according to the practice followed in the United States. I consider that responsibility for delay rests with German telegraph authorities who accepted the telegram without question.

August 4, 3 p. m. Prize court refuses to give information regarding the decision in case of William P. Frye . However, I have been confidentially informed that the decision was to the effect that as there were no claims presented at the expiration of monitions, claimants had [no] further rights. According to the prize court laws, every claimant is forever debarred if he has not presented his claims before the expiration of monitions.